I am not currently accepting new students as I simply do not have the time in my schedule these days to accommodate.


BUT, I want to get to know you!


What are your dreams? What are your expectations? What are your strengths? Your challenges?

Let me see IF I can help you either by conducting an evaluation of your voice and recommending a course of action... or by recommending someone else who may be able to help you.


If we are able to arrange a meeting time, my hourly rate is $80


I will ask you all of the afore mentioned questions and more... and you may ask me anything you like as well. 


I will take you through some very basic vocal exercises to assess where you are currently in your vocal process - it is a process after all. After that, I want to hear you SING A SONG! 


Yes, that's right. Vocal exercises are wonderful to identify where you are TECHNICALLY, but it is when I hear a singer actually SING A SONG that I get a feel for their STYLE, PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL and SPIRIT!


I must say, though, I UNDERSTAND and EXPECT you will most likely be nervous to sing for a new person in a new environment. I don't and won't judge... It is not my intention to feed into any anxiety, but rather to get a sense of YOU. I expect the nerves and can assure you, I can hear past them! Rather than tell you "don't be nervous", know you will be but NOT FOR LONG!






We will figure out what may be the best NEXT STEPS for based on our first meeting... perhaps you only need an occasional 'tune up' in which case I can most likely work you in for a scheduled session, either in person or online. OR... perhaps you will be a great candidate for my online courses. Maybe you will need some more consistent training, in which I case, I can work to connect you with another phenomenal teacher. 


You may be a seasoned voice student or perhaps you are brand new to the world of voice lessons. Maybe you are a little freaked out with a combination of NERVES and EXCITEMENT at beginning this journey.


Either way, you can count on me to be your encourager and I promise to guide you the best I can!


There are so many different elements to singing ranging from the basics (breathing, support, tone, resonance...) to the more advanced nitty-gritty stuff like style, coloring the voice and acoustics. 

My new passion project is in the works! I am building some truly helpful/powerful online courses JUST FOR YOU!


In the meanwhile, it is so important to align with a teacher who will teach; 1) warming up your body, mind and voice so I am confident you are READY to go, 2) vocal conditioning through TARGETED vocal exercises, 3) if you need it, ear training and strengthening through things like scale work and pitch matching using some amazing software 4) and a LOT of application working through songs - ROCK, COUNTRY, POP, CLASSICAL ART SONG, MUSICAL THEATER. 


... bringing songs to life pairing your technical savvy with your HEART is where the MAGIC lives! 


Sometimes you may have a GIG, PERFORMANCE or AUDITION to prepare for and just need a little 'tune up' - you gotta know that pun was truly not intended but it's a good one. In this case, I may be able to accommodate you SO PLEASE REACH OUT AND ASK!


Lessons are quite fun, truly, but it's the MOST fun when those lights come on as you discover your VOICE and your CONFIDENCE.



He records every lesson for you! Don't mind the hair, he usually goes without as he only wears it if it's windy to prevent popping!



What genre of music do you WANT to sing?


If you don't know exactly... I am here to guide you through it all from classical to musical theater to country to pop to rock. 


You get the idea.


If you are fortunate enough to know your style and what makes your HEART sing, that's what we'll do!


I teach technique that works and am passionate about "cross training the voice" so my students understand the different genres. I'm looking forward to bringing all of this to light with my online courses for sure! 


I especially LOVE helping those with more classical training to cross over to the world of popular, commercial music!


Also, it is important to me that singers understand their instruments as well as music in general. I will always highly recommend you work to incorporate music reading skills into your training. THERE IS POWER IN KNOWLEDGE... it is amazing the amount of confidence singers gain just by being able to understand how to read music and understand basic theory.




per 30-minute lesson

per 45-minute lesson

per 60-minute lesson


The ideal situation for optimal growth is to commit to regularly scheduled lessons in which case, we will need to get you on the path with another teacher . This truly helps you establish healthy habits and strong coordinations -  a recipe for rapid development and growth.


However, if you are looking for a consultation, evaluation, or a tune up...



$40 per single 30-minute session

$60 per single 45-minute session

$80 per single 60-minute session

$120 per single 90-minute session



Even though I am NOT currently accepting students for regular, consistent in-studio and online video sessions, I want to hear from you!


Shoot me a message and tell me about yourself and let me see how I can help you... maybe we can work out a time to meet in-person or online... or maybe I can direct you to someone else who may be able to serve you!





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