Makena M.


"...amazing coach and really helped me broaden my range...Not only does she teach you technique but she helps you find the emotion within whatever song you're singing..."

Jobi R.


Currently attending Berklee School of Music

" an amazing and dedicated vocal coach... wonderful at pushing [me] in a nice way, to my greatest potential. And best of all, she is a wonderful warm-hearted person."



Jennifer A.

Actor/Musical Theater 

"... best voice teacher I've ever had..."

Alicia L.



Kimberly is an amazing vocal teacher. After working with her for only a short period I saw an immense improvement in my voice! In fact, If you need a vocal teacher for an upcoming audition then sign up with Kimberly IMMEDIATELY. Her lessons landed me a principal role in a musical produced by a metro Atlanta theatre! But by far, Kimberly's greatest strength is her ability to teach and connect with students. When I began lessons, I lacked confidence in my singing voice. Regardless of that fact, Kimberly made me feel completely comfortable and I was belting out Adele songs in no time! Each lesson consisted of multiple bouts of laughter (Kimberly's positive personality is contagious), sight reading tips, vocal techniques and more! I'm so glad I had the chance to take lessons with Kimberly and I would recommend her to anyone!

Judson G.



"Kimberly is amazing. She is flexible, kind, motivated, joyful, talented, knowledgeable, warm/welcoming, very funny, witty, and committed to helping her students reach their goals...I feel like I have improved in ways I didn't know I was capable of improving. I am thrilled to have found a teacher that is such a perfect fit for my needs/wants for professional vocal growth. I highly recomend this teacher for anyone who wants to become a better singer...under any context. Any style of music is welcome in her studio and she has a vast training that she has translated into a fun and understandable way for me to work towards mastering my voice. I think anyone would be lucky to have her on their vocal training calender each week...I know I consider myself blessed since I started lessons with Kimberly!!!."

"Kimberly is an absolute gem! I have had the privilege of being her student for the past 7 months and have learned so much about myself as a vocalist and a person under Kimberly's guidance. She is extremely well-versed in vocal technique and is able to easily translate that into exercises and useful tidbits that you can use immediately. The sheer number of "Aha!" moments I've had, doing some admittedly off-the-wall exercises is always a wonderful surprise. I went from having only one way of approaching songs and one "sound" that I was comfortable with producing, but have since been given many, many tools that I can use to create new and interesting textures for my performance that I could not do before. 


Kimberly is also very encouraging and helps me to come out of my shell (stage fright for the win!) so I can share my love of music with others and feel confident while doing so. I cannot begin to thank her for the progress we have made together over the past few months, and I highly recommend that anyone - no matter where you are on your vocal journey - take a lesson with Kimberly. I promise you will not regret it."

Sam R.

Hobbyist/Best to Burn Vocal Band


"I love people. I am an encourager by nature. 

I believe that at least 75% of the process is driven by a student's desire to sing and also their confidence quotient. I am focused on bringing out the best in my singers... the best technique and the best HONEST performance with connection to the lyric... all the while building their confidence."





If you are interested in connecting with me, don't hesitate! 


Tell me a little bit more about yourself like where you are from, what kind of experience you have and what your aspirations are. Let's figure out together what may be the best next steps are for you... 


I'm so looking forward to learning about YOU!



 "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16



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