"just me & my iPad practicing" Episode 1, PART ONE featuring "Stars" by Grac

This is the first of WHO KNOWS HOW MANY episodes of me actually practicing my own singing using my iPad to help me be objective... all for the purposes of hopefully inspiring you that YOU CAN DO IT!

Talk about vulnerable!

Yes, some people are that gifted that they can just sing a song like they were born doing it, but I am NOT one of those people. I have to practice and work to get songs to fit in my voice... to make them click. Some songs fit better than others for sure, but the process of discovery is SO FUN. You just have to have the right positive attitude!

So in this song, I focus on the chorus where Ms. Potter belts out a C5/D5 and higher. I work to coordinate a comfortably low larynx, "grounded" breath support, lots of TWANG resonance, and some vowel modification!

So now why don't you go practice a song using your tablet, phone or computer. It's such a wonderful way to learn to be objective with yourself and to really GROW as an artist.

Just have fun in the process!

Also, please don't forget to warm-up FIRST:) You can check out my 100% FREE vocal warm-up series Warm-Up That Voice! for some guidance there!

Credit to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals for this amazingly powerful song... and Grace Potter is AHHHHHHMAZING, in my humble opinion ;)

#belting #singinglesson #voicelessons #kimberlyeslinger #singshinestudio #gracepotter #singingtips #voicetips #learntobelt

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